Cirencester Cohousing

Our project

Cirencester Cohousing plans to create a community of 60 to 80 people. Our aim is to have a mixture of tenures ranging across private, affordable and shared ownership; and tenancies on an affordable basis.

Our values

We subscribe to the values of the cohousing movement in that our community will be supportive, consensual, and cooperative. It is our common intention to share and contribute to and jointly manage the community, and to run it in an environmentally sustainable way. We have a positive commitment to diversity and inclusion with respect to age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and disability. The building units will be designed as lifetime homes and we will be proactive in accommodating independent people with learning disabilities or people with disabled dependents.

Paul:  ‘Basically it’s about a group of people working together to build a community and create a great lifestyle for everyone’

The development

We will have a common house, and 32 units – self-contained houses and apartments – in a mix of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms. Each unit will have an amount of private space (small garden or balcony). There will be shared car parking at the entrance to the site, with pedestrian-only access elsewhere. Provision will be made for disabled drivers and emergency vehicles. The rest of the outdoor area will be planned for social space, children’s play areas, vegetable plots and decorative planting.

The shared amenities in the common house will include a kitchen with food stores, a spacious dining and multi-function space which can provide a children’s play area, and room for meetings and social events. There will be an office, storage facilities and a laundry, and studio space for art and music. Visitor accommodation will also be included.

Claire:  ‘The common house is our social hub, but what’s really important is that we don’t live in each others’ pockets – privacy is as important in a cohousing community as anywhere else’

Find out more

If you’d like to join us for discussions about the project, please phone or email us.

Contact details and a message form are available by selecting the contact page from the menu.

Latest News

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  • CirenCoho meetings

    CirenCoho Meetings

    Future meetings:

    Social get-togethers on Zoom

    We have social meetings on Zoom every Monday at 7.30pm and every Thursday at 7.00pm. If you would like to join us, send us an email at cirencoho@gmail.com and our host will send you the link.


  • Participants’ comments

    Participants’ comments

    Nick:  ‘I came away and buzzed all evening thinking of new questions. I found out more about Passiv Housing on Youtube and I am in awe of that whole concept’


    Simon:  ‘It was a very rewarding day and for me helped to consolidate connections with others and a sense of the reality of the journey we are on’


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