What is cohousing?

Cohousing is a means of enriching your life through active engagement with your neighbours.

It means living in a high functioning neighbourhood, designed and managed by the community where people know and care about each other. You live in your own self-contained home and take part in the planning and management of your home and neighbourhood.
Bee:   ‘One of the first things we agreed was that we should have all age groups living in our community, from babies to great grandparents’


The common house

The hub of  cohousing neighbourhood is the common house, for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone living there.

Life in a cohousing community means:

  • sharing skills and amenities
  • working together in the running of the community
  • regularly preparing and eating meals together
  • enjoying friendship and support

The shared facilities in the common house will include a multi-function space which can provide children’s play area, cinema, performance space, and a room for meetings and social events. We are planning a laundry, an office, a workshop/ art studio/ soundproof studio for music rehearsals and recording.

The UK Cohousing Network

Cirencester Cohousing is a member of the UK Cohousing Network. Click their logo to learn more.